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Tampa Residential Landlord Lawyer

Reasonable housing and accommodations are basic human needs, making Florida’s statutes on residential tenancies a focal point for the tenants who lease and the landlords who offer their spaces. These laws, along with the lease agreement itself, lay out the rights and obligations of each party. However, the nature of the landlord-tenant relationship is unique in multiple ways. There are differing levels of business knowledge when it comes to one party contracting for a business and another who is establishing a home.

Therefore, solid legal representation is essential on both sides of the residential lease arrangement. Getting advice from an experienced attorney is even more critical in the event of disputes, nonpayment of rent, and other breaches. The Seward Law Office, P.A. is ready to support your legal needs, so please contact our office to set up a consultation. A Tampa residential landlord lawyer can provide specific information, though an overview of the key issues is helpful.

Summary of Florida Laws on Residential Leases

The basic concept behind a lease is that a tenant agrees to pay a designated amount of rent, and the landlord agrees to provide a space that is reasonably fit for habitation. However, there are additional points to keep in mind as a residential landlord:

  • Florida statutes on residential rentals take precedent over the written language of the lease if the terms conflict.
  • Though the landlord has a duty to provide a safe, secure space, a residential tenant does NOT have the right to withhold rent for breach of this duty.
  • State laws on residential leases cover situations where there is no written agreement, so landlords and tenants are still required to comply with the legal requirements.
  • While failure to pay rent is certainly a common reason landlords seek evictions, they can also take legal action for other types of breach. Having a pet, smoking, or engaging in criminal activity can be grounds to terminate a lease or sue the tenant for damages.

Legal Help with a Wide Range of Residential Landlord Matters

Advice and counsel from an attorney is crucial for parties before signing, since laying the right foundation from the beginning can prevent surprises later. Once disputes develop or rent goes unpaid, retaining a Tampa residential landlord lawyer is essential. You can trust the Seward Law Office, P.A. to assist with:

  • Preparing and forwarding the essential notices that are required before eviction;
  • Drafting the complaint and other documents for an eviction action; and
  • Assisting with holdovers and possession by non-tenants, which require separate actions for unlawful detainer and ejectment.

A Florida Residential Landlord Attorney Will Protect Your Interests

As you can see from this summary, working with skilled legal counsel is crucial when entering into a residential lease and addressing disputes. To learn more about our legal services, please contact the Seward Law Office, P.A. You can call 813-252-6789 or go online to set up a consultation with a knowledgeable residential landlord lawyer. Our team serves clients throughout Hillsborough County from offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL.

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