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Tampa Deed Preparation Lawyer

A deed is a legal instrument that transfers title to real property from one party to another, and it is not to be taken lightly; an error or ambiguity can invite litigation or invalidate the conveyance. In Tampa, trust the Seward Law Office to prepare or review your deed so that it is accurate and avoids any confusion or ambiguity regarding title. Our Tampa Real Estate lawyer has years of experience in deed preparation and real estate litigation, so you can be assured your deed will be prepared diligently and accurately, with special attention to the requirements of Florida law and the many pitfalls that can befall the holder of an inaccurate deed. See more below about our Tampa deed preparation services, or call our office at 813-252-6789. We offer a thoroughgoing review or preparation of leases as well, in accordance with the firm’s landlord-tenant law practice.

What Is a Deed?

The deed is the legal document used to convey valid title and transfer property ownership. Deeds are recorded with the County Clerk and can be publicly searched to find out who owns a particular property and how it has been conveyed. The deed lists the names of the current and new owners and describes the property in a formal legal description as required by law. If there is more than one new owner, for example if both spouses are grantees, the deed will also describe the type of tenancy being created, such as tenants in common, tenancy by the entirety, or joint tenants with right of survivorship (JTWROS). The deed will also include a granting clause showing the intent to transfer ownership, along with evidence of consideration, i.e., the money paid for the property.

What Do the Attorneys Do?

The seller’s attorney is typically the party to prepare the deed. The seller signs the deed at closing, and this signature is witnessed (Florida law requires two witnesses) and notarized. The seller’s attorney then delivers the deed to the buyer, who must accept the deed to complete the transfer.

The buyer’s attorney must be experienced with deeds as well. The buyer’s lawyer conducts a title search and makes sure the description of the property in the deed matches the description in the purchase agreement. The buyer’s attorney will also make sure the property is free of liens. Finally, the buyer’s lawyer records the deed at the recorder’s office for the county where the property lies, such as the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court and Comptroller or the Pinellas Clerk of the Circuit court and Comptroller.

Seward Law Office Helps Buyers and Sellers With Deed Preparation in Tampa

If you need an attorney to shepherd your real estate transaction through a smooth and successful closing, call Seward Law Office in Tampa or St. Petersburg. We engage in conscientious, meticulous and thorough drafting or reviewing or real property deeds and leases so that you can move forward confidently in your purchase, sale or lease.

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