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Tampa Management Representation Lawyer

Opportunities abound in Tampa property management, and the future looks bright for individuals and companies seeking their share of the market. Statistics indicate that this sector has experienced consistent growth since 2009, with property management market size estimated to be $101.3 billion. There are many operational tactics, tips, and best practices that can guide you to success, but another solid business decision will ensure protection of your organization throughout its lifecycle: Retaining legal help with management representation.

A wide range of legal issues can affect your interests and finances as a property management company, so it is wise to have knowledgeable counsel on your side to address challenges. Our team at the Seward Law Office, P.A. has extensive experience advocating on behalf of clients throughout Hillsborough County, so please contact us to schedule a consultation. A Tampa management representation lawyer can provide specifics, but some information is helpful as an overview.

Legal Challenges for Property Management Companies

Working in this industry requires you to take on numerous roles, incorporating tasks that are typical of a property owner, landlord, and entrepreneur. Your relationship with tenants is at the forefront, so your daily routine may include:

  • Collecting rent;
  • Handling eviction, unlawful detainer, and ejectment matters;
  • Responding to requests for maintenance and repairs in individual tenant units;
  • Conducting inspections of common areas and addressing hazards;
  • Managing late fees and overdue rent notices; and
  • Addressing emergency situations and repairs.

There are also liability and risks involved with management activities, so bear in mind the additional legal challenges. You could be held accountable for crimes and/or injuries at the property; there are also compliance issues with building codes, construction, and renovations. Plus, disputes can arise in your business relationship with the landlord-property owner, possibly leading to litigation.

Benefits of Retaining a Tampa Management Representation Attorney

You have important interests to protect with respect to all of the important roles you play as a property manager, and these often compete with your primary objective: Running a successful business. It can be difficult to invest time and effort in the legal complications, especially if you do not have a background in law.

Instead of putting your interests at risk, trust the Seward Law Office, P.A. to advocate on your behalf. There are multiple benefits to retaining management representation, such as:

  • Knowledgeable advice with creating and negotiating leases;
  • Assistance with pursuing tenants for past due rent;
  • Help with overcoming disputes;
  • Counseling you on insurance and regulatory compliance;
  • Pursuing eviction, unlawful detainer, and ejectment actions in court;
  • Defending your company in personal injury cases or other accident claims.

A Florida Management Representation Lawyer Will Advise You on the Legal Issues

To learn more about the specific ways our team can assist, please contact Seward Law Office, P.A. at our offices in Tampa or St. Petersburg, FL. You can set up a consultation with a management representation attorney by calling 813-252-6789 or visiting our website. After we learn more about your company, we can discuss strategies for meeting your needs and achieving business goals.

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