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Tampa Investor Representation Lawyer

Real estate is a wise investment for many people and organizations in Florida, being a profitable yet safe and low-risk strategy for earning an income. Statistics reveal that investing in real estate is particularly popular among individuals, who represent the largest group in the rental housing market at almost 75 percent. Limited liability companies and partnerships comprise approximately 15 percent. While these investors are financially savvy with respect to their portfolios, not all have the knowledge and experience with the laws, statutes, and legal concepts that apply.

It is understandable that you may not have extensive legal knowledge when you are focused on managing investments. However, there are still important tasks and requirements you must know to protect your rights and stay in compliance with the laws. You can trust our team at the Seward Law Office, P.A. for assistance with the legal issues that impact your holdings, so please contact us to set up a consultation. We can explain how a Tampa investor representation lawyer can help, though additional information may be useful.

How Investor Representation Supports Your Business

From prospecting properties to making an offer and following through with a purchase, there are many opportunities for a transaction to go awry. Having skilled legal counsel on your side mitigates and reduces the potential for substantial losses. An attorney helps protect your investment by:

  • Advising you during property searches;
  • Drafting letters of intent for real estate purchases;
  • Conducting due diligence and title searches;
  • Assisting with securing financing, if applicable;
  • Negotiating, preparing, and reviewing the contract for purchase;
  • Coordinating with inspectors, contractors, and other professionals; and
  • Representing your interests at closing.

What to Look for in a Tampa Investor Representation Attorney

Even when you know the numerous ways a lawyer can advise you on the legal aspects of investments, you might need some guidance on finding the right fit. The Seward Law Office, P.A. is happy to explain how our team meets some of the most important criteria, including:

  • Knowledge: There are numerous legal practice areas, so you want to make sure your attorney has specific, meticulous knowledge of the laws, rules, and compliance issues that apply to real estate investments.
  • Experience: You gain confidence and peace of mind knowing that your lawyer has been handling investor clients for years. Experience with litigation and going to court is also a plus.
  • Core Practice Area: When an attorney focuses on real estate investment, he or she will stay current on legal developments, updates, and opportunities.
  • Communication: Lawyers count on staff for administrative tasks and office support, but it is still important that your attorney is your primary point of contact.

Consult with a Skilled Attorney About Investor Representation in Florida

To learn more about how our team can support your needs as an investor, please call 813-252-6789 or go online to reach the Seward Law Office, P.A. in Tampa or St. Petersburg, FL. We can schedule a consultation with an investor representation lawyer who can advise you on the legal concepts that impact your business.

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