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Tampa Real Estate Lawyer > Tampa Homeowner & Condo Unit Owner Representation Lawyer

Tampa Homeowner & Condo Unit Owner Representation Lawyer

As a homeowner in a neighborhood governed by an HOA or a condominium owner, you can benefit greatly from the services the HOA or COA offers to provide security and amenities, maintain common areas and landscaping, and enforce standards to enhance community property values and quality of life. However, at times, you might also find yourself chafing under community association rules or in a dispute over assessments. Millions of Floridians are currently living in homes and condos regulated by thousands of different HOAs and COAs. Unfortunately, not every association is set up properly or run well.

Tampa real estate attorney Alicia Seward is well-versed in Florida laws regarding community associations. With years of experience advising and representing HOAs and COAs, Ms. Seward has a keen insight and practical working knowledge into how these associations operate and how to resolve disputes with them efficiently and effectively. If you have a problem with your HOA or COA in Tampa, St. Petersburg or throughout the greater Tampa Bay area, call the Seward Law Office to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable and experienced Tampa community association attorney.

When Unit Owners Need Legal Help

Seward Law Office can represent you in your dealings with your HOA or COA regarding any type of dispute, including:

  • Association fails to maintain common property or make needed repairs to community facilities
  • Association is engaging in arbitrary enforcement of HOA rules
  • Association directors are suspected of misappropriating funds
  • Board imposed a special assessment out of compliance with Florida COA laws or HOA governing documents

Help with HOA Assessments

You pay monthly dues to your association for the services they provide, and still they hit you with special assessments now and again, often to cover an unexpected expense because the association failed to maintain a sufficient reserve fund. Depending on the terms of your HOA governing documents, you might be able to challenge assessments with the board or even go to court if you think the assessment is improper. Remember, the HOA can put a lien on your parcel for delinquent assessments and even move to foreclose on your mortgage based on unpaid dues or assessments. Seward Law Office provides assistance to associations as well as unit owners regarding past due assessments, liens and foreclosure. With knowledge and experience gained from representing both sides to HOA and unit owner disputes, our team offers insightful, strategic advice and representation tailored to protect your rights and help you achieve a satisfactory result.

Dispute Resolution

When you find yourself at odds with your association, it’s easy to feel intimidated or outgunned. Attorney Alicia Seward provides strong, insightful representation with assertive advocacy of your rights and interests to reach a successful outcome, whether at a board-level hearing or other nonjudicial resolution or through litigation in court where appropriate. Call on Seward Law Office for help resolving any HOA or COA dispute, including:

  • Noise disputes and nuisance complaints
  • Pet policies
  • Use of common areas
  • Architectural approval disputes
  • CC&R, bylaws, policy and procedure disputes
  • Board disputes

Help With Homeowner and Condo Unit Owner Issues in Tampa

Attorney Alicia Seward practices exclusively in the areas of real estate, HOAs and COAs in Tampa, St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. Call Seward Law Office at 813-252-6789 for legal help with homeowner and condo unit owner issues with your community association.

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