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Dedicated to serving you regarding all aspects of real property and debt collection matters.

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Seward Law Office is 100 percent dedicated to serving you regarding all aspects of real property and debt collection matters with the understanding that every client is different and has unique needs; which the firm is dedicated to meeting. Alicia has experience providing skilled and results-oriented representation focusing on Floridian individuals, property owners, business owners, homeowners and condominium associations in matters related to their legal concerns.

Where legal solutions meet you at home

Whether you are a landlord, a homeowner or homeowner’s association, real property is a precious and vital aspect of your personal or professional life. In Tampa, Seward Law Office is your solution to all your real property legal needs. Tampa HOA, condo & landlord lawyer Alicia Seward and her team provide skilled and knowledgeable advice and representation based on years of experience helping Florida property owners navigate the complexities of real estate law and achieve results.

Choosing the right law firm is about more than just finding an attorney who is qualified to handle your legal needs. You need to know that your lawyer listens to you, makes you a priority, and makes herself available to you when you need her. At the Seward Law Office, we excel in taking a personal, hands-on approach with our clients. You’ll work directly with Attorney Seward and her team, and you’ll feel confident that your needs are being addressed diligently and professionally.

Comprehensive Tampa Real Estate Legal Services

Seward Law Office caters to the needs of buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, property managers, landlords and tenants by providing a complete suite of real estate legal services in the Tampa Bay area. Whether real estate touches on your home, your business or your livelihood, you need to know that you are making the right decisions and that a capable and experienced lawyer has your back should any disputes, conflicts or complications arise. Call on the Seward Law Office for help with any Tampa real estate legal matter, including:

Deed Preparation – The deed is the legal instrument used to convey a valid title from the seller to the buyer, and it should not be taken lightly. Any error or ambiguity can invite litigation or even invalidate the conveyance. Our office takes care to prepare deeds accurately, in accordance with best practices under Florida real estate law. If the deed has already been prepared, our team can review it and provide a professional opinion regarding any potential pitfalls or inaccuracies.

Landlord – Landlords have their own set of rights and responsibilities under Florida laws designed to protect them and delineate the landlord-tenant relationship. Seward Law Office is here to negotiate, draft or review lease agreements, resolve lease disputes, and offer professional advice and technical assistance in residential and commercial lease arrangements, from lease signing to evictions.

Real Estate Litigation – From contract disputes to boundary disputes and latent property defects, Seward Law Office provides robust advocacy and effective conflict resolution at any stage of property ownership, from title issues at closing to adverse possession claims years into a tenancy and beyond. Property rights are sacrosanct in American law, but it takes a skilled, knowledgeable and tenacious advocate in your corner to help you protect them.

Fraud & Misrepresentation – Scam artists and unscrupulous actors in real estate transactions often prey on the elderly or people who are having financial troubles and looking for a way out, but sophisticated real estate frauds and misrepresentations can get the better of just about anybody. We’ll help you understand common types of fraud to watch out for, and if you’ve been taken advantage of, our office will work to hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions and make you whole again.

Liens – With a lien attached to the property, the owner can’t sell it and give a clear title. Lienholders might sit tight and wait for the owner to sell and then collect on their lien. They might also move forward aggressively to foreclose on the property to satisfy their lien as soon as they record it. Seward Law Office in Tampa works with judgment creditors and judgment debtors to navigate the complicated legal system surrounding real property liens.

Homeowners Associations & Condominium Associations

Community associations are unique entities with characteristics and responsibilities similar to small businesses and local governments. They are also highly regulated corporations operated by neighbors who share an interest in the success of their communities, the security of their families, and the preservation of their property rights and property values. Seward Law Office represents Tampa HOAs and COAs, as well as individual unit owners, through all the legal issues relevant to living in or managing an HOA or COA. Our comprehensive practice includes:

Mortgage Foreclosure Representation – If unpaid assessments have reached a certain point, a move to foreclose on the property to recover the balance due might be a viable option. Foreclosure in Florida is a judicial process with strict timelines and procedures to protect both debtor and creditor. Tampa real estate lawyer Alicia Seward provides strategic advice and vigorous advocacy throughout the mortgage foreclosure process.

Enforcement of Association Rules – The hallmark of living in a development governed by an HOA is that certain aspects of homeownership are subject to use restrictions regarding the premises. Enforcement of these rules is necessary to ensure fairness to all association members and to maintain laudable goals such as protecting homeowners’ safety, security, quality of life and property values. Attorney Alicia Seward and her team guide HOA boards through the options most appropriate to the enforcement of specific rules and provide legal counsel and assistance as necessary to secure enforcement.

Self-Managed Associations – Property management is a full-time job, and many associations turn to professional property management companies to handle details ranging from daily operations to fee collection and standards enforcement. For the many HOAs that keep property management in-house, Seward Law Office provides valuable legal advice and assistance throughout the lifetime of the association, from the initial transition from developer to owner control and beyond.

Homeowner & Condo Unit Owner Representation – With years of experience advising and representing HOA and COA boards, attorney Alicia Seward has a unique perspective and knowledge base to offer unit owners experiencing problems with their association. Whether involved in a battle over assessments or a dispute over standards enforcement, or if the association is not performing its required duties, Seward Law Office is here with advice and counsel and professional representation to resolve conflicts and protect member rights and interests.

Your Source for Legal Help in Tampa Real Estate or HOA/COA Law

No matter what your legal needs regarding real property in Tampa, Seward Law Office is your choice for personalized legal services tailored to your specific goals. Our Tampa HOA, condo association & landlord lawyer have the solutions that help you make the most of your valuable property. Call 813-252-6789, or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We maintain offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg to better serve clients throughout the Tampa Bay area.

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Alicia’s life story begins in Westchester County, New York and she moved to Florida when she was relatively young. After high school, she attended Florida State University and obtained her undergraduate degree in English Literature. Subsequently, Alicia attended Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, Florida where she concentrated her studies in Trial Advocacy. Prior to forming Seward Law, Alicia worked in the real estate field representing associations and landlords in resolving various real estate matters

Alicia’s personal hobbies are spending time with her niece, running 5K’s, traveling and relaxing by the pool. She lives and works in the Tampa, Florida area. However, she provides legal services to surrounding cities such as St. Petersburg, Brandon, Riverview, Manatee, Sarasota and Orlando.

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