Residential Landlord/Tenant Issues

Residential landlords and tenants are often at odds, particularly when one side or the other violates the lease in some way, such as failing to maintain the property or failing to pay rent.

At Seward Law Office, P.A., we understand how contentious landlord-tenant disputes can be. Prior to founding the firm, attorney Alicia R. Seward worked in the real estate field, assisting in the resolution of landlord-tenant issues. Along with her hands-on real estate experience, she now uses her extensive legal knowledge and trial advocacy skills to resolve disputes between residential landlords and tenants throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

If you are a residential landlord or tenant involved in a real property dispute, contact Seward Law Office, P.A., to arrange a consultation. We can help.

Skilled Representation For Florida Landlords And Tenants

The most common disputes between residential landlords and tenants relate to security deposits, failure to pay rent, broken leases and evictions. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant dealing with any of these issues, what you need to keep in mind is that you should not try to handle matters on your own. Seek legal advice and guidance.

Florida's landlord/tenant laws are complex and very procedural. Even if you are in the right — and the other party is in the wrong — you are likely to encounter legal pitfalls and potentially costly problems without the help of an experienced lawyer.

Founding attorney Alicia R. Seward knows landlord/tenant law inside and out. Whatever issue you may be facing, she can help. Because she has extensive experience on both sides of these disputes, she is well-positioned to advise you on the best possible outcome in your case — and to develop an effective strategy for achieving your goals.

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